We want to encourage a healthy economy in Cardiff and therefore sell products from talented local individuals and businesses, all of whom have a passion for working with products of nature in some capacity. 

This includes locally roasted coffee, tea leaves, luxury toiletries and purposeful, bespoke ceramics, woodwork and jewellery, 

Here’s more from our suppliers below. 


heist chocolate

Heist is a tiny independent chocolate maker based in Cardiff, Wales which specialises in micro-batches of stone ground chocolate using single origin, organic, cocoa beans. Each batch of beans is turned into lovely chocolate bars in a small factory in the centre of the city. Every bar of chocolate you buy from Heist has been sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed, ground, tempered, wrapped, stamped and stitched by Heists one-man team, Mikey - who’s chocolate making experiments started in 2016*, playing with ingredients in the shed of his house share.


hard lines

Hard Lines is a coffee shop and roastery based on Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff.


“We select, roast and serve great coffee that’s been sourced sustainably with the aim of building long lasting relationships at origin. 

We believe that what we’re trying to build is about more than just good coffee. We aim to keep it fresh, fun and not too serious throughout.”


cole & co

Cole & Co produces luxury toiletries and home fragrances here in Wales and have a store based on Whitchurch Road, Cardiff. 


“We are a family business with a focus and passion on creating luxurious toiletries and home fragrances that use the finest quality ingredients in a range of beautiful fragrances that offers something for everyone.”


david sopwith woodwork 

David has been producing wooden planters and vessels for Eartha for two years now, from his studio in Cardiff. 


“Space, movement, time, the figure is central to my work developing my work. The body moves through space every day, and within my work I try to capture a moment. Not in a dictatorial fashion, but in a way that creates options to expand an idea; open ended and grows a sense of progression in the development of a piece. The evolution of my work develops through all manner of processes or through just viewing an object, or a passing that sparks an idea. Taking consideration of how that moment moves through its entity, developing consideration of the line, shape and tone of the human form in that moment.


With a strong emphasis on using sustainable materials I allow the forms to develop their own narrative as I work, helping to conclude a moment in time that relates to where the body has passed. All the materials used come from sustainable sources and reclaimed materials, all from my locality. I like to use both shape and colour to emphasis the quality of the materials used. Using both traditional and modern woodworking techniques my work ranges in decorative and practical homeware.”


prints by nature

Prints By Nature is a sustainable organic textiles brand based in Cardiff, Wales; providing affordable eco-friendly homewares and accessories. Textile designer and print maker Zoe Evans started her business to provide ethical alternatives to everyday products.


Sourced from locally foraged or grown dyes the Earth Kind collection takes its inspiration and colours directly from nature. Made out of 100% organic and natural dyes, inks and materials each item is truly one of a kind; enriched in earthy warm tones that complement seasonal shades for your home or office space.


sophie potter illustrations

Barry-based illustrator Sophie designed our beautiful Eartha totes and provides us with cards and prints to sell in store. 


“I specialise in illustrations for businesses, packaging and editorial.

My work is often characterised by flora and fauna, interesting objects and bold colour palettes.”


waterloo tea

Established in 2008, Waterloo Tea has several teahouses in Cardiff and sell their teas wholesale throughout the UK. 


“Our original store was founded in 2008 and was named Waterloo Gardens Teahouse - an idyllic setting in the suburb of Penylan. 

Our ethos for the teahouses is creating a space which embeds into the community - in terms of aesthetic, furniture and offer. We draw on local teams to design and build our stores, with this emphasis on local running through to our suppliers.”


simone potter ceramics

Simone Potter hand makes pottery on the wheel from her studio and has been producing bespoke planters for Eartha from the beginning of the venture. 


“My work explores simple forms and their function as elegant ceramics for every day use.


I work in light and dark stoneware and enjoy mixing different clays to create fired stoneware bodies that echo the tone and texture of spalted wood or striated rock.


I am fascinated by the overlap of geology, physics and chemistry with pottery, in particular the physical and chemical constituents of clay bodies and glazes and their behaviour during the firing process.”


jack welbourne ceramics

Jack Welbourne is Cardiff based Ceramicist, based at Fox Lane Studios, just outside of the city centre.


“I am informed by traditional techniques and values, in particular eastern ideas brought to the UK by Bernard Leach. Whilst working with this framework I am always looking to add a contemporary feel to my work though mark-making, form and application of glazes. I also work with locally sourced materials including clays and wood ash that I collect from the urban landscape I occupy.


Hand made objects have the potential to capture an energy, freshness and elemental tangibility that have been eroded in our society for years. I believe that your home can be a living work of art if you want it to be. With handmade pottery not only fulfilling a functional role but enriching and exciting with every use.”


old faithful

Old Faithful provides natural, organic skincare & wellbeing products for men & women.

Gareth is a qualified aromatherapist based in Merthyr Tydfil, his products are made from organic oils, butters, essential oils & herbal extracts procured from highly ethical suppliers who also support small artisan producers. Gareth uses unrefined botanical ingredients which suffer minimum processing, thus maintaining their maximum therapeutic properties. This is kinder to the environment and produces a more beneficial natural ingredient and product for you.